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610-1 st Street, Thorhild


54.1590133, -113.12417235



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Mamma’s Italian Pizza and Steak House is a restaurant specialized in Italian food that aims to captivate its customers by always using fresh ingredients, generous portions, casual atmosphere and great customer service.
As a family run business, we are proud to be known for our daily fresh home made dough, sauces and soups.  With more than 30 years of cooking experience and happy to serve Thorhild’s community since the 80’s, the restaurant is open six days a week, with our special breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.



Hours Dine-In

Hours Dine-In

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Wednesday

11 am – 2 pm / 4 pm – 7 pm


11 am – 2 pm / 4 pm – 8 pm

Friday – Saturday

11 am – 8 pm


12 pm – 7 pm

Hours Pick-up

Tuesday through Sunday

11 am – Close






Sandwiches & Subs

Donair & Wraps




Homemade Soup of the day $5.50
Please ask your server
Homemade French Onion Soup $7.95
Chicken Wings (12 Pcs)  $13.95
Hot, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Teriyaki, Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Mild
French Poutine $11.75
Golden fries with gravy and mozzarella cheese
Donair Poutine $15.95
Golden fries with gravy, mozzarella cheese and donair meat
Curly Fries Poutine  $14.95
Curly fries with gravy and mozzarella cheese
Pizza Bread $9.95
Served with meat sauce
Potato Skins  $12.95
Covered in cheddar cheese, bacon and chives served with sour cream
Dry Ribs  $13.95

Tossed Salad $8.95

Served with your choice of dressing & garlic toast

Add Chicken Breast $6.95

Side Order $3.50

Caesar Salad $11.95

Served with garlic toast

Side Order $4.95

Chicken Caesar Salad $13.95

Caesar salad served with strips of chicken breast & garlic toast

Chef Salad $13.95

Ham, turkey, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and chopped egg on a bed of mixed greens & garlic toast


Tuscan Salad $14.95

Mixed Greens, pecan, dried cranberries, feta cheese & tuscan dressing

Club House $13.95

Triple Decker with layers of roast turkey, bacon,

lettuce, tomato, and mayo


Beef Dip $13.95

Shaved lean beef, sauteed mushroom, and Swiss cheese,

with au jus for dipping


Grilled Ham & Cheese $10.50

Cheddar cheese and smoked ham on grilled Texas toast


Hot Roast Beef or Turkey $14.95

Our own roast beef or freshly roasted turkey over French Bread.

Served with steamed vegetables & gravy

Beef Donair

Regular $11.50 | Super $12.95

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese and choice of sweet, or Tzatziki sauce

Chicken Donair

Regular $11.95 | Super $13.95

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese and choice of sweet, or Tzatziki sauce

Turkey Club Wrap  $12.95

Roast turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo wrapped in

tortilla bread

Original Burger $11.00

Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and our house sauce


Bacon Cheddar Burger $12.45

Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and our house sauce


Swiss Mushroom Bacon Burger  $12.45

Topped with mushroom sauce


Royal Burger  $12.45

Topped with bacon, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and red sauce


X-TREME Burger  $15.95

Two patties topped with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, Swiss and Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and our house sauce


Mamma’s Lasagna  $15.95

Mushrooms, green pepper, feta cheese & olives, baked with meat sauce


4 Cheese Lasagna   $15.95

Feta, cheddar, mozza & parmesan, baked with meat sauce


Seafood Lasagna  $16.95

Crab meat & baby shrimp, baked with Alfredo sauce


Chicken Fettucini Alfredo  $17.95

Baked with Alfredo sauce


Mushroom & Chicken Penne  $17.95

Pan fried with Alfredo sauce


Linguini Di Mare  $21.95 (After 4pm)

Baby clam, scallops, shrimp & crab meat, pan fried with white wine garlic sauce or tomato sauce

7oz Top Sirloin Steak with 6 PRAWNS $25.95

AAA New York cut charbroiled to your liking


8oz Peppercorn Steak $24.95

AAA New York cut charbroiled to your liking


8oz Striploin Steak $23.95

AAA New York cut charbroiled to your liking



Seafood Salad $14.95

Shrimp, crab meat, and romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy caesar dressing & garlic toast

Greek Salad $13.95

Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, green & red pepper, kalamata olives, and feta cheese & garlic toast

Add Chicken Breast $6.95

Donair Salad $14.95

Lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, topped with Donair meat and our homemade sauce


Toasted B.L.T  $11.50

Chicken Club Sub  $12.95

Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese

Milano Loaf  $12.95

Pepperoni, salami, ham, onion, green pepper, pizza sauce, and cheese


Steak Sandwich  $16.95

7oz steak served with fries or mashed potato & garlic toast

Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.95

Grilled chicken breast and Caesar salad wrapped in tortilla


Crispy Chicken Pita Wrap  $11.95

Crispy chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, ranch, and cheddar cheese

Quesadilla  $14.95

Your choice of beef or chicken with onions, tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos served with salsa and sour cream


Charbroiled Chicken Burger  $11.50

Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and our house sauce


Breaded Chicken Burger   $12.45

Topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo


Ranch-House Chicken Burger  $12.45

Chicken breast topped with bacon, Mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, BBQ sauce and ranch

Create Your Own Pasta

Boiled  $12.95

Baked  $13.95

Choose Your Pasta:

Lasagna, Spaghetti, Linguini, Penne, Fettuccini

Choice of our homemade sauces:

Tomato sauce, meat sauce or Alfredo sauce

Add 3 Meatballs   $3.00

Extra Cheese  $2.50

Extra meat sauce  $2.00

Steak and Spaghetti  $19.95
Served with garlic toast
Chicken Parmesan  $20.95
Served with linguini and meat sauce and garlic toast
Lemon Pepper Chicken $20.95
Grilled chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning,
served with a starter soup or salad, your choice of potato or rice,
vegetables and garlic toast
Chicken Cordon Bleu $20.95
Chicken Strips $14.50
Served with your choice of dipping sauce, fries and garlic toast
Veal Cutlets $21.95
Topped with a mushroom gravy sauce, served with Fettuccini & meat sauce
Fish & Chips  $16.95
Served with starter soup or salad, vegetables and garlic toast